Worm Compost Starter Kits

Worm starter kits are a great way to jump start your vermicomposting adventure.

Instead of getting a pound of worms shipped in coco coir or peat moss you are getting worms  encased in material from an already well established and thriving bin.   Also you are getting a bed run of worms which is a mixture of adults, juveniles and babies with an abundance of cocoons.  The cocoons are one of the most important part of this starter mix as there is the potential of 3 babies emerging from each cocoon, therefore they are hatching out in YOUR bin environment which allows for an even greater success.

The bin that the worms and cocoons are coming from will be from an environment the worms have been thriving in for months.  Each bin that I start up will run for approximately 4 months.  I then harvest that bin for the castings, take the 1/4 inch material from screening and the worms and place back into another bin to start the process over again.