Used coffee grounds (UCG)

Do used have a small worm bin and too many used coffee grounds?

You can dry them out and store them for use at a later date in your worm bin or in your garden in the spring.

I have a couple of large square plastic trays but you can use any container like a dishpan, cookie sheet or even an extra rubber maid tote.

Place several layers (3 or more) in the bottom of your container of choice and then spread the used coffee grounds (UCG) on top and set to the side.  On sunny (non windy) days place in the sunshine or if you are not in a hurry place in the shade and stir around once or twice.  You can recycle the used newspaper in your worm bin.


I dry mine outside as they can be quite stinky!

After they are dry you can store them in almost anything.  I use an old sandbag as I leave mine outside until I need them in the early spring.ucg2