Update on wedge experiment

I posted about starting a wedge in my cinder block beds and I have to report that as a castings producer it was a total fail as there were too many root tendrils infiltrated into the castings…HOWEVER… it was great for producing more worms to sell.

The remnants that was left behind was used to fill up low spots and/or holes in my yard.  And all those cinder blocks will be utilized to create raised garden beds for me to grow more stuff in…lol

Wedges are a great way to produce castings but as I was able to see having them in contact with the ground and not on a concrete slab or hard pan is not a viable option.

I do have another way to do a wedge system (no pictures, sorry).

I took a open top 55 gallon drum, split it lengthwise, cut the open end off and overlapped the two ends and bolted them together, which created a long trough type bin.  Drilled a lot of 1/8 holes for added airflow and used a piece of PVC to hold the middle open.  I did this with 2 barrels that someone was going to throw away.. (FREE and with a little imagination new worm bins)

I usually start both of these up around the first of November and let them run until the sometime in March.  I have these under my house and the heat pump is under there so it stays moderately warm under there through the winter… Both bins are harvested in March and usually produce up to 80 gallons of castings.