Truth about worm castings

I have known for several years the truth about how powerful worm castings are in starting new seeds and also seeing the phenomenal growth in our garden each year.  The crop yields are also amazing!

Here is a new story (for me) on just how well castings work.  Our new next door neighbor was removing a beautiful forsythia bush that my husband and I have admired for 10 years.  I couldn’t resist…. so off I go and introduce myself and then ask for a couple of cuttings, he said take all I want.  I only wanted two as that would be plenty for me to see if they would come back.  Each section only had about two inches of root knot(?).

We dug two holes and in the bottom of each hole I added almost 2 cups of rough screened vermicompost (worm castings) then placed the plant in the hole.  Next I added about 3 cups of bagged topsoil then another cup of castings on top of that.  We then finished filling in with the clay/dirt mixture from the dug hole.

For the next 6 weeks I then brewed worm castings tea.  Two times I used molasses and granite rock dust as additives and one week with no additives.  I watered these cuttings with the brewed tea and let mother nature take care of the rest of the watering.

Here are pictures showing one of the “sticks” we planted and the new growth showing.  Both are doing great!!  I have never planted anything like this and had this great of success.  Vermicompost aka worm castings are so much better than man made chemicals hands down for me!

As always just “Ditch the chemicals and give your plants some love” they will love it and so will you!!

new growth2new growthplant4