Switching feed stock for the worms!

I have been using hot composted horse manure which in turn has always sat in a pile for 2 to 3 months BEFORE I used it in my bins as a feed stock.  My bins are ran for 120 plus days BEFORE I consider the contents as finished vermicompost.  I have used my vermicompost on my garden, flowers and bushes for years with great success and I hope to inspire others to use vermicompost/worm castings as well and kick the chemicals (chemicals are NOT good for your plants or your soil).

I now have rabbits!!

Rabbit manure  is a COLD MANURE.  It doesn’t need to be hot composted and it has been used for years in peoples gardens very safely.  In addition to using rabbit manure I am adding aged wood chips in order to boost the fungal activity in my vermicompost.

I have discontinued using paver’s sand as well.  I am adding a little glacial rock dust to each bin every 3 weeks instead.  When I harvest a bin I am pulling out the 1/8 inch screened product to sell and the 1/4 inch is being placed back in the bins.

Worm farming can be an ever changing thing until YOU hit on the formula that works best for you.

Please contact me if you need help establishing your bin, harvesting your bin or any questions.