Sprayers vs Watering cans

1 gallon sprayer watering can

    2/1/2016…. For the past two years I have used a watering can to add water to my worm bins.  However, I use a lot of the plastic 55 gallon drums split in half lengthwise and then set them on a x-frame wood stand.  Three times so far I have had a soggy mess (not stinky) occur in the bottom of the bins.  Now granted there are 100’s of holes drilled into each half barrel to provide air flow and there are no tops or coverings at the moment on them,  just a nice thick layer of leaves.

    Last weekend was my third time finding a soggy mess in the bottom of 7 bins.  In order to correct this problem you have to literally pull back all material and then layer the wet with dry materials.  I alternate shredded cardboard and newspaper.  Some of the bins get aged horse manure and some get dry aged grass clippings. So there is a good variety of dried items you can use.

    This is a very labor intensive layering act and I decided something has to give here.  So off to the store and I came home with a 1 gallon sprayer from Home Depot.  I am hoping this $10.94 purchase will save me some labor time.  I used it for the first time yesterday and I do believe this will work.  Yes, I did have to stick my hand down in each bin (forgot where I put my moisture meter, lol) so the old fashioned way works just as well.  The moisture was still nice in between all layers and the layered  dry materials were nice and moist as well.  Enter the sprayer…. just had to pull back the leaves on top, give each bin a good spraying and put the leaves back on top.  I do believe I am going to like this sprayer!  Happy worm farming everyone!!

    X frame half barrel