Red Wiggler Worm Starter Mix


Red Wigglers are the best worm for beginners to start your own vermicomposting bin.

Starter mixes contain adults, juveniles, baby worms and cocoons.  There will also be decomposing material which hosts some of the microbial life that will help increase your bin’s success.

Average starter mixes weigh about 3 to 4 lbs.

Local sale is $25.00

Mail delivery is $38.00

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The Red Wiggler Worm Starter Mix includes a bed run mix of adults, juveniles, babies (1/4 lb of worms) and 100 + cocoons.

Included in the mix is some of the microbial enriched bedding and food material that I use in my bins that will enhance and jump start your own vermicomposting bin.

Instructions are located here (Word document): Worm Starter Mix or (PDF document): Worm Starter Mix1

Local orders will be ready 24 hours after the order is placed.  Local price is $25.00

Available for local pickup or delivery for Maryville and surrounding Knoxville area. 

Mail orders will be pulled on Sundays.  Mail delivery price is $38.00

I only mail on Monday or Tuesday, no exceptions on any worm orders.  Price includes the mail fee.

Order yours today and get started producing your own vermicompost !!

DISCLAIMER  **You may receive “bin critters” as well in the bedding material.  Which can include: springtails, isopods, or BSFL (black soldier fly larvae) due to my bins being outdoors and because of the feedstock I use . ** I try my best to pull all BSFL larvae out, but sometimes a few may slip by.

** extra bedding material available upon request, at no extra charge **


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25.00 Local Pick up, 38.00 Mail Delivery