Worm Castings Tea


Brewed castings tea.

Ingredients for my brew are freshly harvested castings, kelp meal powder and azomite.

Sold by the gallon ONLY and must be used within 2 hours of pickup for best results.

Can be used as a foilar spray or a soil drench.




***New product***        BY PRE-ORDER ONLY           Gallon size only 

Our worm tea is available for local pickup or delivery in the Knoxville, TN area.

Each gallon can be used as is or diluted with non-chlorinated water to create up to 2 gallons of worm casting tea and still be effective.

I can brew up to 30 gallons at a time so pre-orders are a must as it takes 36 hours for a good brew.  Brews are always completed by 7 pm so they can be used that evening.

*** This is NOT leachate from the worm bins… I use a bubble snake from TeaLab and a O2 commercial 1268 gph and the castings tea is brewed at a stable temperature for the best “boost and increase of microbes”

I only use my fresh castings and powdered kelp meal for plant growth and also azomite for added minerals.